Are you looking for ways to experience more peace and ease?

Come explore 7 bold ways to raise your personal value of peace in your life right now!

  • Peace in the mind.
  • Peace in the body.
  • Peace in career, purpose, or passion.
  • Peace with wealth.
  • Peace in endings & new beginnings.
  • Peace in the integration of growth.
  • Peace in dreaming MORE!

One week together exploring channeled live conversations and energy activations for releasing outcomes and expectations as we shift our energetic footprint, cultivate more harmony, and invite more prosperity through this free guided experience.

Join us for this 7-Day Peace Challenge from October 31 - November 6, 2022

 How we do one thing is how we do everything. This exploration is going to help you shift everything in your current experience.

✨ 7 Days of Gratitude

✨ 7 Days of Expansion Energy

 ✨ 7 Days of Perspective Shifts

✨ 7 Days of Breakthroughs For More Ease.

✨ 7 Days of Feeling Better in Your Body.

Are you ready to challenge yourself, open your heart, and experience more peace and ease with me?  Let's go!


We begin on October 31, 2022

The group is gathering now. Energy Activations, Quantum Numerology, Intuitive Insight, and Universal Law.


Replays will be available!