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"Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life"

One Full-Day Jonah Live Event In The Spectacular Vortex of Mt. Shasta!


Embody Codes To Activate Your Personal Power & Raise The Vibrational State Of The Body, Beyond Changing Your Thoughts!


Expand your vibration,  intuition, and advanced manifestation skills. 


Join Joy Kingsborough, Arlene Pe Benito live with Michele Laine and Helen Richelle for this one-day playful Saturday event.

August 5th 2023, Mt Shasta, California USA 



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The Power Is In The People

You've been told you are powerless for too long! 

It's time to transform your fears, doubts, not-enoughness, stress, and deepest worries into confidence, strength, and limitless potential.

The call to awaken ALL of you is growing, and freedom will come in the embracing of who you are in the body, NOW.

"Joy's ability to create magical containers is magical and frankly, unmatched!" ~ Jen Kohler

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"If You Like Abraham Hicks, You'll LOVE Joy & Jonah!"


Jonah is a lighthouse for the weary traveler on the awakening journey. He will help you come home to yourself.


Join Us For A Full Saturday Of  
Channeled Messages, Energetic Experiences, & Community...

Are You Ready To Walk Away Changed?


“Joy's live events deliver a unique experience enveloped in the energy of love for the support and activation of internal wisdom within you. You will not leave this space like you walked in; this is in the highest regard. Attending in the energy of an in-person gathering with Joy, you'll live moment-to-moment what it feels like to reconnect with your body, your soul's desires, and your deepest truth.  Gifting yourself this space is an opportunity  for your highest expansion, integration, and self-evolution.”

- Michele Laine, Sedona Jan. 2022


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Enjoy A Full Day Saturday


Activate Your Personal Power!


9:00 am - 6:30 pm

9:00 am - 10:00 am - Registration & Coffee

10:00 am - Welcome

10:30 am -Opening Energy Alignment & Meditation

11:00 am - Channeled Q&A Workshop - 

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm - Lunch on your own

2:00 pm - Integrative Workshop #1 with Michele Laine

2:45pm - 10 minute break

3:00 pm - Integrative Workshop #2 with Helen Richelle

3:45 pm - Break

4:00-5:30 pm Channeled Q&A Workshop with Joy and Jonah 

5:30 pm - Book signing with Joy

6:30 pm -End

Channeled Transmissions of Information & Coding

  • Joy will be leading channeled transmissions to help you merge your higher and lower vibrational states. 

  • Arlene works alongside Joy to create engaged, energetic audience experiences during the channeled transmissions.
  • Discover how simple it is to bring in and sustain your personal power.

  • Michele and Helen will guide the integration of these energies through experiential workshops.

  • You will receive new teachings in this experience as you embody them on the spot.

QuE: Energy Activation Sessions


Learn the simple direct approach to become an advanced manifestor. Faster than meditation, easier than vision boards, and more effective than visualization.

Release the need to heal, control, or seek permission to experience the extraordinary. Quantum Expansion (QuE) as a modality channeled through Joy.

Answer the Call

Live your life as a calling, not a doing or achieving. It's time to activate your personal power and manifest a life you're over-the-moon in love with!.

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Event Logistics

We will be gathering at the Mount Shasta Resort,  1000 Siskiyou Lake Blvd, Mount Shasta, CA 96067. Your event ticket includes entrance to all conference activities.

Meals, accommodations, and travel expenses are NOT included.

We will gather on August 5 @ 9 am PDT and complete our time together at 6:30 pm PDT that same day.

You will fly into either Sacramento International or Redding Airport. 

Plan your travel to ensure you can stay for the entire event. This is a sacred container and you won't want to miss anything from beginning to end.

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Mount Shasta is considered to be one of the most sacred places on this planet. It is a majestic mountain located at the northern end of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California. For many centuries, this sacred mountain has been radiating its light, offering the peace, love, abundance, and wisdom that the whole planet needs in this transition to a higher vibrational consciousness.


Have questions about this event?

Email: [email protected]

“Joy created a retreat that provided space and time not only for us to connect and grow with each other but to connect and grow with ourselves. I love the way she was guided to provide what was needed by the group rather than trying to make the group fit a preconceived schedule. A wonderful, unique experience!"

- Reen Rose, Sedona Feb. 2018


“The experience of a lifetime. ❤️ Life changing, beautiful people, amazing growth. Thank you, Joy, for holding space, bringing us together, and leading with an open heart.”

- Steve O'Sullivan, Sedona Feb. 2018

"Joy is a leader for emerging leaders."


Your Event Team

We look forward to spending this time with you and are already holding space for you to arrive.

Joy Kingsborough

Joy Kingsborough is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Spiritual Mentor, and Conscious Channel, Channeling Jonah and the universal Frequencies of well-being for the expansion of personal power and divine prosperity around the world. Following a life changing near death experience in 1999 that awakened Joy to the nature of reality and the powerful potentials for humanity, she has been bringing forth clear and direct messages, teachings, and programs. Joy has worked with thousands of people across the globe to expand their capacity for more in life, spiritually and materially. You can read more in her latest book, QUEing up Magic or connect with her on YouTube.

Learn more about Joy:

Arlene Pe Benito

Arlene is an Alchemist, Channel, Numerologist, and Spiritual Coach on a journey to discover what is possible. Her deep curiosity about extra sensory perception and magic began in childhood leading to studies in several healing modalities, Universal Laws and Numerology. Arlene’s gift is the ability to see in and around the body, including stories and decisions that create karmic patterns in our lives. These are alchemized in the body and together with her client a new imprint is created. Paired with curiosity, possibility, and frequency, her clients are empowered BE, to expand, discover their intuitive gifts and co-create the life of their desires.


More about Arlene >> 

Michele Laine

Michele Laine is an Intuitive Life & Business Strategist, Channel, Master Numerologist, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author devoted to helping you remember who you are beyond doubt, overthinking, and overwhelm, so you can release toxic emotional and behavioral patterns and fall madly in love with your life, trust in divine wealth, create vibrant health, and develop sacred relationships.

With a background in entrepreneurship, her curiosity for discovering her true purpose led to passionate studies of human behavior, neuroscience, and the quantum impact of the energetics of the body through several healing modalities, Universal Laws, and Numerology.

Through her coaching, events, and sacred retreats, Michele provides opportunities for people to transform their personal and professional lives and embody more presence, power, and purpose.

More about Michele >>

Helen Richelle


Helen lives her life in full transparency of her Spiritual Gifts and shares with others her heartfelt message of being a “ Loving Light of Hope.”

She has been working with the Spiritual realm since she was a child and after retiring from her Nursing career of 29 years, she developed a deeper connection to the Divine, her Spiritual Gifts, and her Spirit Guides gaining clarity and guidance to share her gifts with others.

Helen offers services such as Spiritual Mediumship, Channeling, Reiki Master Teacher, QUE advanced manifestation mentor, Akashic Record Readings and coaching. Helen helps people to embrace the life they most want to live, finding meaning and fulfillment as they discover their own understanding of their divine spiritual gifts. Helen created Sacred Hearts Circle as a community to support discovery and development of ones own Spiritual journey.

Helen believes we are all connected in a loving continuum of energetic fluidity, in which we each leave our own unique energetic “fingerprint” upon the Universe.

More about Helen here: 

Shelly Anderson

Snap Doodle Dragon Designs

The first spark for Snap Doodle Dragon Designs ignited at a retreat in Mount Shasta. It all began when I said, “Snap Doodle Dragon” and Joy looked at me and said, “That needs to be on a shirt.”

A dream that began with a spark, turned into a flicker, as I allowed myself to envision beautiful souls rippling messages of love and encouragement into the world that I also wanted to ripple. That feeling in me ignited the flame in my heart.

That was the moment the seed was planted for Snap Doodle Dragon Designs. I felt my heart light up in ways I wasn’t anticipating, as I allowed the creative visions to come to life, through me.

Snap Doodle Dragon Designs officially birthed in 2022 with the first Jonah Love Bug t-shirt. As the official designer of Joy and Jonah merchandise, I'm now experiencing that dream through creating Joy and Jonah merchandise as well as my own.

Learn More About Shelly & Her Gorgeous Merchandise:

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