Mastering The BrainGAME™

begins October 25th, 2022

What would it be like to wake up everyday with a genuine sense of freedom; free from overwhelm, stress and the anxieties that keep you repeating old patterns 
and creating limiting results?

Free from overwhelm. 
Free from stress. 
Free from anxiety.

Join me in our next group experience so I can help YOU accelerate your personal and professional life BEYOND what's been keeping you feeling stuck!!
PLUS! As a BONUS, each registrant receives a Divine Alignment Numerology Blueprint (valued at $275) delivered between weeks 6 & 7.
 Discover the strengths, blessings, and innate gifts of your unique personality codes in this powerful intuitive reading. Learn more about your purpose and the keys to unlocking your greatest potential.
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Mastering The BrainGAMEā„¢


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Mastering The BrainGAMEā„¢

$500 / month

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Meet Your Coach

Michele Laine is Founder and CEO of Michele Laine Coaching. She is a Self- Mastery Mentor, Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author for her book, ”Stronger Than The Storm: Proven Strategies, to Conquer Fear, Discover Strength, and Overcome the Unexpected”.

With a voracious curiosity in where science of the mind meets metaphysics, her expertise embodies a powerful blend of Neuro, Somatic, and Energetic practices pulled from NLP, HFT, Neuro-Transformation Coaching, Energy work, Numerology, and Universal Law to completely shift, heal, and move you beyond into more possibility and potential. 

This is pure embodiment of abundance to bust limiting beliefs, up-level visualization, and shift mindset to bring your vision and dream down into the body where we can bring them to life.

Michele helps clients transform their personal and professional lives through her coaching, masterminds, workshops, and wellness retreats. She helps them remember who they are beyond the daily hustle, obligation, and overwhelm, so they can rediscover their extraordinary, get clear on what they want, and give themselves permission to be ALL IN two create the life they deserve!