$555.00 USD

Prosperity Codes Forecast


This reading is for you if you’re looking for clarity on…

  •  The specific action you need to take throughout the year in order to keep you in forward momentum with your goals + desires
  •  The version of yourself you need to embody in order to awaken you to your next level growth & prosperity.
  •  How to navigate your business based on your purpose in this lifetime.
  •  The shift you need to make in order to increase your quality of life & navigate setbacks more easily >> quantum leaping you FURTHER!

This forecast is for those who are ready to fully understand where to focus their actions + energy and when to leap based on your unique strengths, breakthroughs & karmic lessons.

PLUS we'll take a look where your top three most meaningful relationships (friends, family, business colleagues) show upon your chart and how they will be supporting you in the year ahead.

With this experience, you will receive two 45+ minute recorded session with replay access and 3 days voxer or messenger support to follow our time together for gentle integration and Q&A. Plus a written report.

Are you ready to learn more deeply about where you are headed and the action steps you need to take in order to support your wildest dreams?

One moment of courage to take the next action to be-do-have everything you desire.

This reading will show you exactly what this next year has in store for you so you can experience the impact, love, and prosperity you desire most.


When I received more pieces of my numerology chart from Michele’s readings, I felt so seen. Things clicked into place about the timing of my life. It re-affirmed things I already knew, deep down, but needed reassurance and clarity on. Knowing that this gorgeous, divine, blueprint exists for my life and my year creates a deep sense of peace and purpose, and Michele’s intuitive guidance and deep understanding of this ancient tool was the key to me loving more about myself, my business, and my calling. Don’t forget to get the bio-rhythm reading while you’re there — it changed the structure of my work week and dramatically improved my happiness, productivity, and focus in my day to day efficiency. Never going back!

Michele is an amazing & compassionate person to work with. She has a loving & caring heart and only wants the best for her clients. She showed me this during my recent "Prosperity Code Forecast” and I am very grateful 💜 My reading was very informative & has lots of things to help guide & assist me as I journey through this year ahead. I would highly recommend any readings or coaching sessions Michele has to offer. I look forward to working with her in the future.