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Sacred Self Blueprint

In this 60 minute session together, we’ll explore your most present goal, intention, or big dream and identify ONE key element keeping you from what you want most and how you can get it! You’ll walk away feeling empowered, clear, and free from stuckness.

This blueprint is an absolute great first step for those who are welcoming their curiosity into the amazing consciousness of the numbers.

There is nothing like being seen, heard, and understood through the numbers and the intuitive guidance of a Master Numerologist.

This is energy reading of your body, emotions, and mind meets an awareness of yourself and the world to inspire, empower, and align you to live your best life now.

Using quantum numerology, this experience can help answer questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why do I keep experiencing the same things over and ver? And More.

Each blueprint is unique to you and gives you a broad view of who you are, your greatest strengths and growth patterns, and why you were born at this time.

Channeled guidance during our session will help you break through where you've been feeling stuck in any area of your life.  

Within this experience you will receive a 60 minute recorded connection call with replay access and a 10-12 page written blueprint.


The numerology session with Michele was absolutely powerful. I had no expectations for it and was more in just a state of wonder prior to the session. With the information that Michele had and the right questions she shed light on an unconscious pattern that was still showing up for me and sabotaging my progress without me even noticing. I experienced a major breakthrough and hidden emotions showed up for me. All of this helped me to take action into healing old wounds and patterns. I wouldn’t be able to this if those patterns were still unconscious. Michele is amazing at guiding the session, pin pointing the blocks and showing you how to shift with compassion for oneself.

So this is the latest coaching breakthrough I’ve had, and it’s a big one! I’m talking about a complete game changer... I used to blame my flaws, fears and insecurities on my past, thinking they’d broken me, like I was no longer equipped to reach my potential in this world. Then I had a Sacred Self session with Michele Laine, providing me with a unique blueprint that perfectly matched my personality, strengths as well as weakness and deepest intentions. It was so validating and a confirmation that I am designed exactly the way I was meant to be to fulfill my purpose. She’s given me a fresh perspective on what I perceived as flaws, new tools to navigate life challenges, an empowering reframe on my “story” and great insight into how to create the life I truly want. I’m completely blown away and feel like, with this blueprint, I’m starting a new chapter of life. I have a map. I’m sharing this, because I’m so grateful!! I think EVERYONE should have a session with her and receive your own blueprint. It’s so worth it! Thank you Michele Laine!!! 🙏🥰🔥👏❤️