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Calibrated Authority Session
$333.00 USD

This is your permission slip to prosper! Are you ready to override resistance and move through what's been holding you back from your next-level?

My Calibrated Authority Session is customized based on the energetic match you show up for.
This session is perfect for ambitious women seeking to expand their self-authority for greater abundance, elevate their wealth, and recalibrate their capacity to receive.
In a focused 60-minute session, we will delve into the energetic frequency patterns in your body or belief systems- clearing any fragments that keep you from accessing your infinite wisdom and power.
This is your opportunity to renew your energy, align with your highest potential, and activate new levels of wealth and possibility.
**What We’ll Explore:**
During this session, we open a bag of magic to explore and address energetic frequency patterns hidden within your body and clear any fragments keeping you from your own infinite wisdom and power.
We tap deeper through numerology cards, neuro-somatic, energy work, and my channel to give you clear guidance and next steps on how to create more prosperity, wealth, vitality, and harmony in your life.


What you'll get:

- 60-minute Intuitive & Energetic Insight 
- Replay Recording For A Lifetime
- You'll leave with an actionable plan and an elevated frequency.



1:1 Private Coaching

I believe you are coded for greatness.

I believe you have the ability to expand into infinite potential and possibilities.

I know you are pulled by purpose and want to make the world a better place by sharing your wisdom and compassion with humanity and animals.

Together we will work to help you break free from karmic patterns and the chains that have been holding you back from living your purpose and reaching your next level of leadership. I am here to guide your experience through the shadows and toward true liberation and freedom.

I invite you to complete this quick application and share your aspirations and desires for upgrading your current experience in your life or business.




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