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Stronger Than The Storm: Proven Strategies To Conquer Fear, Discover Strength and Overcome The Unexpected


What happens when you lose everything?
Could your relationship hit rock bottom and come back stronger?
If you could rebuild your life in any way you wanted, what would you do?

Michele Laine and her family endured a storm the likes of which she'd never imagined. It left them with nothing, and she wondered how they could ever survive. In 
Stronger Than The Storm Michele shares the story of how she not only prevailed through her most tumultuous time of life but also how she came out stronger and more determined.


Magnetic Impact of The Empowered Woman

Hardcover Journal Matte


Make your everyday journaling more personal, private, and stylish with this matte hardcover journal. Available in 5.75"x8", with 150 lined pages, these sturdy hardcover journals are fully customizable on the front and on back covers. The matte laminate coating on the cover will make them stay true to your personal style.

✨ Full wraparound print
150 lined pages (75 sheets)
Matte finish
Casewrap binding
Note: 0.5"x0.5" production barcode visible on the back cover




The Gratitude Shift (64 Gratitude Card Deck)


Learn how to expand your thinking, activate new perspectives, and tap into your inner grace and power to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. 

The shift comes when we are able to expand our awareness and open to more curiosity and acceptance of the possibility and potentiality available to us in our thinking and feeling states every single day (no matter the circumstance or chaos that ensues.)

When we use visual cues and activate our mind’s nature to seek likeness in how we’d rather feel, we open new neuro-pathways for change. 

The clutter in our mind clears, we amplify our focus, and our intuition awakens even more.

  • Use them as journal prompts or affirmations.
  • Expand your self-awareness.
  • Share them with family and friends.