Prosperity Blueprint
$33.00 USD

A journey through recalibrating your belief codes and unlocking a greater capacity to receive.

- Learning how to get out of your own way to welcome in more wealth, prosperity and abundance.

- Where are your beliefs holding you back from what you're wanting to experience in life and business.

- What it takes to break through the ceiling and meet yourself at your next level expansion.


Soul Whispers
$33.00 USD

The process I use daily that helps uncover the truth within my desires and steps I had not consciously acknowledged before… and it will help you too!

Keys to unlocking:
- clarity in your business
- peace within your body
- connection in relationships
- shifts in your health & vitality

Become free to live, love and express yourself in any way you choose.


Power of Decision
$97.00 USD

This 3-day masterseries is for successful ambitious entrepreneurs to help you make better decisions, take faster action + cultivate powerful results in your life & business.

In this 3-day experience, I teach you how to befriend your mind, transform roadblocks into rocket fuel, and unlock your personal codes in numerology to have the wealth, health, & relationships you desire most. Learn to thrive in limitless potential with streamlined focus, flow, and action.


Masterclass Bundle
$125.00 USD (save 30%!)

Unlock your fullest potential with the Masterclass Bundle‚ÄĒa comprehensive collection that includes all three of our transformative masterclasses: Prosperity Blueprint, Soul Whispers, and Power of Decision. This bundle is designed for the visionary entrepreneur ready to elevate every aspect of their life and business.

Unlock your potential and step into your next level of success