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Prosperity Portal
$777.00 USD

This isn't just another money program. This is a 3-week journey of expansion that is going to shift everything for you.

DEEP ENERGETIC WORK: Prosperity Portal guides you through transformative processes designed to clear blockages, release negative patterns, and awaken dormant energies. Through a series of immersive experiences, you'll tap into the power of your subconscious mind, harnessing its innate ability to manifest prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life.

SOMATIC SHIFTING: Because true abundance begins within you. Throughout this program, you'll be invited to explore the sensations, emotions, and energy stored within your body to catalyze profound change. As you journey deeper into the wisdom of your body, you'll begin to experience profound shifts on all levels ‚Äď physical, emotional, and energetic. Tensions will dissolve, energy will flow freely, and you'll emerge with a newfound sense of vitality, clarity, and purpose.

UTILIZING YOUR CHART TO BRING YOU BACK INTO ALIGNMENT: Each of us is encoded with a unique numerical blueprint, revealing our strengths, challenges, and deepest desires. By understanding and aligning with this sacred code, you can unlock the keys to a life of abundance and fulfillment. As you align with the energetic currents and codes of the universe, you'll become a magnet for prosperity, effortlessly drawing opportunities, resources, and blessings into your life.


Magnetic Impact
$2500.00 USD EARLYBIRD $1800.00 USD

*Valid until June 5th, 2024.

Group 12-Week Transformational Experience 

You can have it all without having to choose.

This is harmoniously living: 

Mastery of your thoughts. Mastery of your frequency. Mastery of your focus & intention.

It's time to break free from past pain and programming of everyone else's "should, need to, and have too's" and experience a magical life of joy, peace, abundance, freedom, purpose, connection, meaning, and belonging daily!  

Your sacred relationship with yourself is the ripple effect of all your relationships in life:

We are taking a journey to amplify acceptance of our value at each new level: who we are now in this present moment and who we are becoming.

Allowing more joy, love, bliss, harmony, value, beauty, confidence, trust, inspiration, and abundance into our life!

Get your mind right and the rest will follow: the money, the love, the vitality!!!

I invite you to take this creation journey with me. I will show you the answers to your "how" questions.

*payment plan available


Mastery Mastermind
Application Only

5 Month Group Mastermind

This is where we quantum leap together, A deep dive into releasing resistance and allowing life to flow through you, as you, with absolute grace and ease.

This Mastermind is designed for expanding your capacity to receive, accepting your belonging in the dream you dream for yourself, and taking responsibility for the choices that heal you and propel you forward into your next creation- all with channeled guidance, accountability, and community support from other like-minded creators.

Imagine the freedom and confidence of amplifying your manifesting power, trust, and belief in your higher self.

A container where you will create harmonious, loving relationships, ignite the business of your passions, cherish your body, and fall in love with the wealth and abundance available to you.

You will feel confident, clear, worthy, and sure about your next steps, taking a lifetime of tools to support and nourish you for a lifetime!



 *payment plan available

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