The 12 week group experience for successful ambitious entrepreneurs to help you break free from your past, activating your alignment + taking back your power.

In this 12 week experience, I'm going to walk you through how to regulate your nervous system, how to step into radical responsibility for creating a new reality and activating momentum towards what you want so that you can have more money in the bank, more vitality in your body, more love in your life + more intentionality and integrity in alignment.


This is Magnetic Impact

Yes! I need this!

It's hard to create impact when you're busy trying to figure out everything on your own.

What would it be like to wake up every single day with excitement and joy because you know you're creating an impact in the world?

Knowing you can have it all...
The worth.
The wealth.
The wellbeing.

When you shift the energetics, and how you think in how you're feeling, EVERYTHING shifts. 

This is your permission to tune in, trust your intuition, and share your magnetic gifts with the world to make an impact.

Phase 1

Week 1: Grander Awareness & The Golden Thread

Who are you?

The programming running in your body and your mind (aka nervous system) and how it relates to you and your bigger dreams:

  • how you react and assign meaning
  • how you make choices
  • and how you guide your journey

Week 2: Accepting Significant Roadblocks

Awareness is Everything, and You Are Limitless!!!

This is about seeing life from a grander perspective and observing oneself from the highest viewpoint. You will begin to understand your past better and some of the subconscious programming that may have created a path that was not your choice. You will learn where doubt and fear can cause triggers and blocks and what tools to use to be prepared and keep on your authentic, empowered path.

Week 3: Claim Your Extraordinary

Holding resentment, discomfort, or other emotions toward someone else limits your experience of peace and ease.

This week is all about forgiveness. 

Forgiveness acknowledges any distortion, disharmony, or discomfort that is in your body caused by events in your life that convince you that you are not enough. Forgiveness is the self-love gesture that enables you to give to yourself and the world as you did before the discomfort, or even at a greater capacity.

Week 4: Taking Back Your Power

 Oh the drama!!  

In this lesson, we learn about a deeper understanding of our choices. Acting as if we choose how we don't want to feel so we can get back in alignment with what we do want to feel. When we take radical responsibility for how we feel we can bring ourselves back within to choose again. Anything else is our mind's story of separation keeping us from what we want because we think it is found outside of ourselves.

Phase 2

Week 5: Activate Your Alignment

We are putting things into practice so please remember this is a practice. It is not something that you can just say, Yes I’ll do this and then it’ll be done. That’s a great thought, but the truth is…

It takes time. It takes commitment. Ultimately, your heart is the great attractor. 

This week continue using your trigger tracker for awareness of trigger patterns or belief patterns that rise up to be witnessed. Use your list of values to bring yourself back into alignment with whats most important to you.

Week 6: It's Time to Get Busy Creating


What are you focusing on?

Should's, Need to's, Have to's. vs GET to's or Want To's

PETA>> Prioritize. Energy. (Before) Taking. Action

We have been shedding and transforming these last weeks to now desire more. Spend some time and look at what you don't want. Get really clear. We will use this data to begin claiming what we don't want.

Week 7: Creating a Pathway For Real Results

Be the example of what you want to create or desire in your world.

It is a process to be seen, heard, & felt - especially if this is not something you have sifted yourself in the past. But - it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves because it ripples into future generations.

We have been shedding & transforming these past weeks to now receive more. We've been peeling back the truth in what we don't want so we can create more of what we do want. 

Creating "more" starts somewhere and it starts here NOW - in this moment.

Week 8: Your Power in the Present Moment

Your presence is a superpower.

To be fully present, we must harness our now. Opportunity is always in the now. Think about how you spend most of your “now” moments; revisit the exercise covering how you spend your time and energy. Consider your thoughts about the now, even if you are thinking positively. 

Most of us tend to think about an imagined future or events that happened in our past. It is an art to harness our energy and place it on the powerful now. When we do this, we can harness the true power of our presence and direct that power deliberately and intentionally to create joy & fulfillment in the life of our dreams.

Phase 3

Weeks 9-12: Integrating Your Magnetic Mastery 

We are putting things all together.

We start integrating the tools that we've been practicing over the last 8 weeks.

Coming together in conversation, Q&A and hot seat coaching to truly embody the essence of who you are - what you want and why you want it.

Together, we're nurturing safety inside the body and creating our new reality. We're taking the learning and implementing into our every day lives to see how it actually works when you're living your life. (Not just learning, but the application + embodiment.)

This is where we ditch old habits and let the new ones birth forth - Moving forward, and creating next steps with confidence, clarity + aligned action.

THIS is what makes Magnetic Impact different. It's not just the steps you need to take and being left to figure it out on your own... it's the support.

You're guided.
You're walked.
You're given the crucial elements to succeed long term.

These final 4 weeks will help you navigate the overwhelm and uncertainty of change when you're in it so you don't have to keep chasing program after program.


The Sacred Investment

Hi! I'm Michele!

I am a transformational coach, energy alchemist + master numerologist.

I created this experience because as an entrepreneur, I was tired of feeling the burden of the overwhelm and I wanted to get into the action. I wanted to take that unfulfillment in my career and relationships and really transform it so I could feel the worth, wealth and leave a legacy of purpose.

I recognized the patterns but didn't know how to handle them. This program was birthed as a way for you to navigate the stress so that you can continue to transform your own life.

Learning to master my emotions and leverage my patterns was a game changer for me. I was no longer at the whim of life, circumstances or the chaos. I realized my true power was in my power of choice.

This program was created to help you find a simpler way. 

It is my mission to show you how to bring more ease into your own mind and body when you find yourself stuck (and how to powerfully move through).

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