The 12-week group experience is for ambitious, soul-led women leaders ready to step into their next chapter of life, rise further into their self-authority, and magnetize their leadership.

In this 12-week transformational experience, I'm going to walk you through how to regulate your nervous system, how to step into radical responsibility for creating your next-level finances, and activating momentum towards what you want so that you can have more money in the bank, more vitality in your body, more love in your life + more intentionality and integrity in alignment.


This is Magnetic Impact

A multi-faceted approach for tackling self limiting beliefs, upgrading your frequency of wealth, cultivate consistent belief and trust in your next level, and empowering you with the tools and resources to navigate and leverage sustainable change.

Yes! I WANT this!

It's hard to create impact when you're busy trying to figure out everything on your own.

Imagine waking up every day with excitement and joy because you know you're ready to create an infinite impact in the world!

Knowing you can have it all...
The worth.
The wealth.
The well-being.

When you shift your energy, how you think, and how you're feeling, EVERYTHING shifts. Your prosperity, magnetism, and the understanding of your soul power transmutes imposter syndrome, confusion and uncertainty in your next steps.

This is your permission to tune in, trust your intuition, and share your magnetic gifts to make an impact.

Phase 1

Week 1: Grander Awareness & Golden Thinking

Who are you? What else is possible for you to experience?

The programming running in your body and mind (aka nervous system) and how it relates to you and your bigger dreams.

Week 2: Accepting Significant Roadblocks and Blindspots

Awareness is Everything, and You Are Limitless!!!

This is about seeing life from a grander perspective and observing oneself.

Awareness is Everything, and You Are Limitless!!! 

Week 3: Claim Your Extraordinary Frequency

This week is about forgiveness and your inner power to propel and claim your desire to have it all with ease and flow.

Week 4: Stepping Further Into Your Power

 Oh, the drama!! A deeper understanding of choices. Separating the mind’s stories that are keeping us from what we want so we can get back in alignment with the experiences we desire most.

Phase 2

Week 5: Activate Your Alignment

We are putting things into practice. Ultimately, your heart is the great attractor. 

It's time to advance your manifesting power!

Week 6: Owning Your Unique Expression


Learn to prioritize your energy before taking action.

Week 7: Creating a Pathway For Real Results

Be the example of what you want to create or desire in your world.

Creating "more" starts here and NOW - in this moment.

Week 8: Your Manifesting Power in the Present Moment

Presence is your superpower.

It is an art to harness our energy and we can harness the true power of our presence directing that power deliberately and intentionally to create the professional and personal life of our dreams.

Phase 3

Weeks 9 & 10 Integrating The Magnetic Mastery Method

We are putting things all together.

THIS is what makes Magnetic Impact different. It's not just the informational steps you must take to bring awareness to your thinking, frequency, and creative expression but also the ripple effect of continued support, integration, and embodiment of the applications. Getting to know and love your body for the amazing soft technology it is and in a way only you can experience!

You will not be left to figure it out on your own... you will actually transform and have a lifetime of tools to continue forward at each next level of your awakening to more!

We integrate the tools we've practiced over the past eight weeks with instant support to help you clear debris, confusion, and stagnation.

In conversation, Q&A and hot seat coaching truly helps you embody the essence of who you are - what you want and why you want it.

Reinvigorating your leadership and alignment with that next level foundation of YOU that you seek.

This is where we ditch old habits and let the new ones birth forth - Moving forward and creating YOUR personal next steps forward with amplified courage, confidence, clarity + aligned action.

You're guided.
You're walked.
You're given the crucial elements to succeed long-term.

These final weeks will help you solidify your transformation so you don't have to keep chasing program after program.

You will look back in AWE at how expanded your prosperity is in every area of life because the transformation came from your extraordinary sacred wisdom.

The Sacred Investment

Magnetic Impact
$2,500.00 USD

* Save $125!
* VIP 1:1 Session with Michele (valued at $333!)
* 1 Intuitive Numerology Birthchart Reading with written blueprint (valued at $275!)
* Wealth Activation Recording (valued at $111)


Magnetic Impact
5 monthly payments of $525.00 USD


* 1 Intuitive Numerology Birthchart Reading with written blueprint (valued at $275!)
* Wealth Activation Recording (valued at $111)


INCREDIBLE Client Testimonials

Hi! I'm Michele!

I am a transformational coach, energy alchemist + master numerologist.

I created this experience because as an entrepreneur, I was tired of feeling the burden of the overwhelm and I wanted to get into the action. I wanted to take that unfulfillment in my career and relationships and really transform it so I could feel the worth, wealth and leave a legacy of purpose.

I recognized the patterns but didn't know how to handle them. This program was birthed as a way for you to navigate the stress so that you can continue to transform your own life.

Learning to master my emotions and leverage my patterns was a game changer for me. I was no longer at the whim of life, circumstances or the chaos. I realized my true power was in my power of choice.

This program was created to help you find a simpler way. 

It is my mission to show you how to bring more ease into your own mind and body when you find yourself stuck (and how to powerfully move through).

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