Breakthrough Blueprint


Access the key to the ONE IMPORTANT THING keeping you from getting out of your head and into the freedom and ease you desire so you can have it all!


Stop sacrificing love for money, or money for love. You CAN have both!

Something in your world that's not lining up the way you want it in your health, finances, business, relationships, etc.

I've been there before too. I've felt like it was keeping me from where I wanted to be - like I was missing that one thing everyone else seemed to know that I didn't.

Then I found it!! My own personal power was discovered through the energy of numbers. As I dove into my unique personality patterning, I began to understand the keys to my purpose and a blueprint for getting out of my head and into experiencing more freedom and ease.  I know it will help you uncover your lifepath too.

Your "Breakthrough Blueprint"

Helping you find the ONE important key you've been missing in keeping you from taking action.  We begin with determining your specific, personalized Breakthrough Blueprint using multiple tools and exercises tailored to meet your specific needs.

In this session together, we’ll explore your most present goal, intention, or big dream and identify that ONE key element keeping you from what you want most and how you can get it! You’ll walk away empowered, clear, and focused on what's next for you. You no longer have to feel stuck.

An entire blueprint outlining who you are,  what you want, and a structured action plan moving forward.

You'll have personalized solutions, a recording of our session, and written numerological intuitive insight on your personal prosperity codes. A lifelong reference to help you remember your divine essence and move you forward in your purpose.

There's no need to look further, you've found what you didn't know you were looking for.

Are you ready for your life-changing blueprint?

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These blueprints are powerful! They help people shift from stuck to freedom with direction and insight in 90 minutes! One amazing session can provide relief to the body and a personalized action plan moving forward with ease. Having someone create space to help guide, listen, and witness you as you breakthrough old perceptions and perspectives to embody new eye-opening possibilities from deep within you. 

If a blueprint is whispering to the curiosity in you, now is the time to experience one for yourself!

I invite you to gift yourself a gift that keeps on giving, long after our session is through.

Your journey to more harmony, peace, and expansion begins with just a click.

Breakthrough Blueprint


  • Access the key to the ONE IMPORTANT THING keeping you from getting out of your head and into the freedom and ease you desire! Give yourself 90 minutes with me so I can show you exactly how to have it all!


She asked me a series of questions to prepare and guided me through an incredible time of deeper learning & knowledge of self & masterful guidance through a really really ‘unique to Michele’ - combo of numerology, Tarot and Neuro-transformation coaching mapping and a retrieving of information about myself to help me navigate the next steps in my life with a more clear understanding and a guiding light to get me there.

I highly recommend this experience with Michele. Not only does she spend great time and offer intimate details in the ‘in person’ session, you also get a recording of the conversation and the write up of your personalized blueprint to reference at any time- this is key because I tend to forget what I’m told with the busy-ness of life!

Go check it out and experience it yourself!!🥰🥰🥰

~ Jennifer Dadigan

Michele took me through her “Breakthrough to Alignment Blueprint” process and I am still FLOORED at what an incredible coach Michele has grown into. I mean, she’s always been really good - but this was next level. She helped me work through some raw emotions, find their source, and make a plan to grow from them.

On top of that, she used numerology to share with me my “Success Code Archetype” - which BLEW my mind with how accurate it was to my personality and helped me learn more about myself. I got all of this delivered to me in my inbox the next day so I could continue learning and growing far beyond our session together. I’m still going through this info two weeks later!

I can not recommend enough getting one of these sessions with Michele. It’s LESS than $200 and worth wayyyy more than that. I had no idea how much I needed it until I experienced it (divine timing as always).

~ Rachel O'Rourke

”This was such a simple yet profoundly deep experience for me. I was feeling kinda stuck, a little unmotivated and not sure how to get where I want to be.

Michele’s Breakthrough to Alignment Blueprint revealed and clarified who I am, my highest purpose, my hidden genius and also my struggles in such a clear, concise and ACCURATE way.

She  helped me to see and know myself on a much deeper level as well as narrow down what my next best action step is to help me get moving towards my goals. She took my own words and helped me create a more empowering story as well as a daily mantra to help keep me aligned.

The numerology and archetype was so beautifully spot on it brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with inspiration to be so fully seen on a grand scale!

In the weeks since receiving my blue print I've had such a beautiful infolding of clarity and insight, I look back in awe realizing that the blueprint was the key to the breakthroughs happening now in my life!

So freaking valuable!!!!! I invite you to schedule your online session and  unlock your next breakthrough with Michele's blueprint. You will NOT be disappointed!!!"

~ Emerald Starlight Norman

You CAN create a life where you can have it all with more freedom and ease!


Michele Laine is Founder and CEO of Michele Laine Coaching. She is a Self- Mastery Mentor, Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author for her book, ”Stronger Than The Storm: Proven Strategies, to Conquer Fear, Discover Strength, and Overcome the Unexpected”.

With a voracious curiosity in where science of the mind meets metaphysics, her expertise embodies a powerful blend of Neuro, Somatic, and Energetic practices pulled from NLP, HFT, Neuro-Transformation Coaching, Energy work, Numerology, and Universal Law to completely shift, heal, and move you beyond into more possibility and potential.

This is pure embodiment of abundance to bust limiting beliefs, up-level visualization, and shift mindset to bring your vision and dream down into the body where we can bring them to life.

Michele helps clients transform their personal and professional lives through her coaching, masterminds, workshops, and wellness retreats. She helps them remember who they are beyond the daily hustle, obligation, and overwhelm, so they can rediscover their extraordinary, get clear on what they want, and give themselves permission to be ALL IN two create the life they deserve! 

Inclusion Statement

My Breakthrough To Alignment Blueprint and any of my programs are for all of humanity. Every human, regardless of opinion, race, culture, ethnicity, sex, gender identity and expression age, color, religion, sexual orientation and beliefs, languages spoken, nation of origin, veteran’s status, disability, are all welcome!

We believe and stand for inclusion, celebrating that we are all different in many ways. We honor the power in this kind of diversity on the planet and are committed to the evolution of our understanding of diverse communities so that we may serve them better.