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Mastering The BrainGAME

What would it be like to wake up every day with a genuine sense of freedom; free from overwhelm, stress, and the anxieties that keep you repeating old patterns 
and creating limiting results?

Free from overwhelm. 
Free from stress. 
Free from anxiety.

Join me in our next group experience so I can help YOU accelerate your personal and professional life BEYOND what's been keeping you feeling stuck!!


You will learn how to master this game of life by shifting your triggers into synchronicities, discovering harmony away from drama, and embodying the codes of your manifestation cycle to feel safe and grounded in having all you desire.

PLUS! As a BONUS, each registrant receives a Divine  Numerology Blueprint (valued at $250) delivered between weeks 6 & 7.
Discover the strengths, blessings, and innate gifts of your unique personality codes in this powerful, intuitive reading. Learn more about your purpose and the keys to unlocking your greatest potential.
Let's chat! The next round is beginning soon!




We all think we know ourselves, yet we are so much more AND ever shifting. We are here to walk a journey on our path.

It's time to break free from past pain and programming of everyone else's "should need to, and have too's" and experience a magical life of joy, peace, abundance, freedom, purpose, connection, meaning, and belonging daily!  

Imagine the freedom and confidence of bringing together your physical body (Body-Mind),  your emotional body (Observer Mind), and your essence body (Essential Mind) to amplify your manifesting power, trust, and belief in your higher self.

This is quantum expansion energy work, channelled wisdom,  and Ancient Egyptian Numerology Codes coming together to helping you clear patterns and build new ones toward having everything you want.

 Your relationship with yourself is the driver of all your relationships in life:

- with love

- with well-being

- with money

You can have it all without having to choose.

We are amplifying acceptance of our value: who we are now in this present moment  and as we are becoming more...

More joy, love, bliss, harmony, value, beauty, inspiration, abundance.

I invite you to take this creation journey with me and I will show you the answers to your "how" questions.




New 6-month Group Mastermind Coming Soon!

This is harmoniously living your chart, your Soul's Divine Blueprint. A deep dive into releasing resistance and allowing life to flow to you, through you, as you, with absolute grace and ease.

Mastery of your thoughts. Mastery of your frequency. Mastery of your focus & intention.

This is where we quantum leap together, expanding your capacity to receive, accepting your belonging in the dream you dream for yourself, and taking responsibility for the choices that heal you and propel you forward into your next creation- all with channeled guidance, accountability, and community support from other like-minded creators.

A container where you create harmonious, loving relationships, ignite the business of your passions, cherish your body, and fall in love with the wealth and abundance available to you.


Dream Envisioning & Purpose Activation Session

This Envisioning & Activation Session is desgined for the woman who is READY to reclaim her personal power through energy activation, mindset recoding & frequency expansion.

Get clear on possible blindspots in your life and business. Clear lower frequency thought patterns and beliefs, unblock energetic clutter in your body, and GAIN CLARITY on your next best steps forward!


Numerology Reports + Forecasts

Are you someone who likes to go even deeper with exploration? Do you have burning questions and desire specific answers?

I have multiple different numerology readings available. Each of these readings is explored through your unique birth chart and personality influences based on your birthdate. We will look at your contracts, patterns, karma, and dharma; the key codes to living your most thriving life.



1:1 Private Coaching

I believe you are coded for greatness. I believe you have the ability to expand into infinite potential and possibilities. I know you are pulled by purpose and want to make the world a better place by sharing your wisdom and compassion with humanity and animals.

Together we will work to help you break free from karmic patterns and the chains that have been holding you back from living your purpose. I am here to guide your experience through the shadows and toward true liberation and freedom.