You belong with the wealth, well-being, and relationships you desire most. It’s time to fully embody and integrate the energetics of attracting more of what you want in life and less of what you don't!!

It’s time to recognize your power, not just as an afterthought, or something you’ll explore when you have time, but rather as a way of being.

It's time for you to expand your capacity to receive what you want.

What you want, wants you, but you must first choose to value yourself and calibrate to limitless possibility and potentiality.


What will you choose to do with that possibility?

What life experiences are you dedicated and devoted to?

Who do you choose to be in that experience?

Will you choose to continue to worry, resist, or control the material world, or will you choose to amplify the possibilities of your limitless potential?


Will you look back and know you've lived life fully and illuminated in your essence or wonder who you could have become, looping in indecision?

It’s time to stop resourcing from looping lack, fear, and scarcity energy and learn how to be in the flow of your limitless abundance. You have limitless life-force energy available to you.


Its time to embrace and embody the love of who you are and activate your thinking and feeling states to match in vibration so you can prepare for your dream to come true on every possible level; mental, emotional, energetic, physical, and spiritual.

This four-week-long journey is for you if you are ready to connect and come home to yourself.


Every thought you think becomes a blueprint that your mind works to turn into a reality. Did you know you also have a specific blueprint within your personal birth chart that helps you navigate and leverage those patterns? 


Cheat codes from the universe to live a more prosperous and thriving life?

I'm going to help you unlock and awaken your unique coding.


A direct path to help you raise vibrational alignment, heal old trauma, trust your intuition, and help you uncover the magnetic truth of your highest expression.

Are you done putting everyone else's needs before your own? Tired of multitasking and burning yourself out, feeling bogged down, muddled, lost?


Are ready for what's next? Ready to meet yourself in your inner wisdom and illuminate your inner resources, gifts, and strengths?


✨ Ready to calibrate to your limitless potential and create your life by design?


  • It’s time to get out of your head and into more peace and ease.
  • It’s time to shift patterns and beliefs into what’s possible in your life.
  • It’s time to bring your dreams down into your body where they can be brought to life.
  • It’s time to attract more of what you want in life and less of what you don't.
  • It's time to become the one who is willing to give yourself the things you’ve been looking outside of yourself for. 

This is your one life!


It’s time to truly dream and create it beyond the limits of the mind. 


You belong in any dream you dare dream possible for yourself.


You are meant to thrive in limitless potential and this program will show you how to illuminate it.

We are spending 4 weeks together Oct 11th - Nov 3rd with 6 live channeled modules in this sacred group container.


• You will have support and guidance in a safe space held in the frequency of love through this transformational experience.

• Focus will be on energetic flow & understanding your unique pathway for creating what you want in your life or business through the lens of Numerology, Quantum Expansion, Energy Alchemy,  & Mind-Heart Coherence

• Live teachings 

• Customized Workbook For Our Four-Week Journey

• Love-Seat Coaching

Intuitive Group Weekly Readings

• Private Facebook Group for Each Cohort (group).

• Replays will be available.

• Lifetime access.


Module #1     Know Thyself

Module #2     Beyond Belief

Module #3     Integration

Module #4     Truth Tellers of Receiving

Module #5     Integration

Module #6     A Foundation Of Feedback

This is the program where you will learn about belonging in the synergy of your feminine energetics.


You will learn about activating your unique codes and integrating them into a  life with more love, harmony, and gratitude for your finances, your health, and your relationships.


The program where you will become… MAGNETIC!

Magnetic {Full Payment}


Payment plans are also available

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Michele Laine is a Conscious Self-Mastery Mentor, Energy Embodiment Coach, and a Master Quantum Numerologist. She guides ambitious, driven, soulful creators to transform their personal and professional lives by embodying their personal power and living life with ease. She’s passionate about helping clients live a healthy, soul empowered life through remembering who they are beyond the daily hustle, obligation, overwhelm, and burnout so they can reclaim well-being in their body and experience an easier pathway to having it all. 

Through her Divine Body Matrix Blueprints, Somatic Energy Work, Multidimensional Self-Care, and Transformational Trauma Informed Coaching, you have multiple ways to shift and breakthrough the root of what’s been keeping you feeling stuck and disconnected in your life.

Michele believes you belong to ANY dream you desire to create for yourself. She can help you bridge the gap to cultivate the energetic, mental, emotional, and physical mastery needed to connect your dreams down into your body, where they can be amplified and brought to life.