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Why Numerology?

I am obsessed with numerology because absolutely everything is numbers and patterns.  I cannot remember a time as a child or in my adult life when I wasn't fascinated with numbers. When you tap into the consciousness of the numbers, you are introduced to receiving insights, expansion, and choice points to empower you to create more peace and ease in life.

Each of these readings is explored through your unique birth chart and personality influences based on your birthdate. We will look at your contracts, patterns, karma, and dharma; the key codes to living your most thriving life.

Numerology readings offer limitless possibilities:

It can be difficult to know which reading is best to begin with.  I recommend exploring your sacred coding in your Divine Breakthrough Blueprint.


Divine Breakthrough Blueprint

There is nothing like being seen, heard, and understood through the numbers and the intuitive guidance of a Master Numerologist.

This report gives you a broad view of who you are, your greatest strengths and growth patterns, and why you were born at this time and will help you break through where you've been feeling stuck in an area of your life.



I want my Divine Breakthrough Blueprint

Are you someone who likes to go even deeper with exploration?

Do you have burning questions and desire specific answers?

I am devoted to providing you with an extraordinary experience. As a result, I have designed 3 offers below to give you the greatest insights to help you have the love, the money, and the well-being you desire most.

Which one calls to you??

Success Code Forecast

In this in depth forecast, we dive into your chart for the year. We take a look at numerous datapoints within your chart to identify the success codes that will lead to your most prosperous year in business. 

Would you love to know the most aligned aspects of your ideal client based on your purpose in this lifetime?

How about the aspects of your codes that awaken you to your next level growth and prosperity?

Are you ready to dive deeper to what this year has in store for you to discover?


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Sacred Lifepath Blueprint

This reading is completely customized to your birth chart. We look at over 20+ datapoints in your chart and answer any questions you have about who, when, why, and what may be happening next in love, relationships, health, career, or wealth. This is the most in-depth reading available. You will leave this reading knowing what's next and what steps you can take to make the most of this mind-blowing information.



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Relationship Contracts

How you relate to important relationships in your life is important. From family to business partnership, we can take a look at the relationship potentials and possibilities within the synergy of your personality codes.

This report is customizable for as many people as you'd like to compare and contrast your personal codes. The pricing below includes 1-2 additional persons besides yourself.

*Family Dynamic Readings for the entire are available upon request.


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What clients have to say:


When I received my numerology reading, I felt so seen. Things clicked into place about the timing of my life and reaffirmed things I needed reassurance on. Knowing that this gorgeous, divine blueprint exists for my life creates a deep sense of peace and unlocked the keys to loving myself, my business, and my calling more.  

-Carissa Lynn Renner


The numerology session with Michele was absolutely powerful.  Michele is amazing at guiding the session, pinpointing your patterns, and showing you how to shift with compassion for oneself.

-Karla Sanchez


Ah, I love my Annual Forecast!! It was sooo good— I’ve printed it out so that I can come back to it as I’m making my weekly and monthly forecasts and goals. I also really love the weekly calendar you added in – I’ve already started using it.

-Merissa Joan

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